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Our Services

Construction Services

As general contractors, we offer many construction services such as structural erection, equipment installation, process piping, foundations, industrial rigging and 
lifting, site work and many more services. Our crews are manned with qualified journeymen and knowledgeable management staff with many years of experience. Being 
supported by our Fabrication Shop & Crane Services we offer a complete construction package in a very competitive price. Go to our Quote Request Form or Current Rates 
page for additional information.  

Crane Services

We offer a wide variety of hydraulic truck cranes ranging from 17 ton capacity to 240 ton capacity. We offer smaller units for residential
and light commercial needs to the larger cranes for your industrial and other heavy lifting projects. Whatever the project, we have the necessary 
lifting capacity and crew to get the job done to meet your requirements.
Equipment & Services we offer:


  • 17 Ton to 240 Ton Hydraulic Truck Cranes

  • Riggers

  • 50 Ton Drop Deck with Tractor

  • Flatbed with Tractor

  • 50 Ton Lowboy with Tractor

  • 30,000 lb Clark Rigging Fork

  • Ingersoll Rand 7000 Forklifts

  • 40/60 Hoist Rigging Forklift

  • Concrete Buckets & Man Baskets

Custom Fabrication

Our custom fabrication shop is capable of Structural Steel, Aluminum and Hard Alloy fabrication. Supported by 3 Deshazo 80 ft span 10 Ton Lift Cranes in our new 72,000 sq ft facility. When combined with our Crane Services and Construction Services, we offer a complete package for your next project. Since we do have the capability to offer a total solution, our rates are very competitve.

Partial list of our capabalities:

  • MGI Burning Machine

  • Brakes

  • Shears

  • Rolls

  • Benders

  • Angle Rolls

  • Band Saws

  • Drills

  • Bead Blasters

  • and more ...

Please give us a call today and let us quote you your next project.

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